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Our free intro course is a great place see what the possibilities are ahead of you!

With the free course, you’ll get the first 10 lessons that come straight out of the full RDT course and begin to dip your toes into the Futures Day Trading pool!

In these lessons, you’ll learn a series of tools that will teach you how to:

✓ Download the customized RDT Indicators
✓ Set up your Day Trading NinjaTrader workspace to look exactly like the RDT charting system
✓ AND you’ll walk away understanding the basics of how to work the NinjaTrader Charting Platform

The first steps are the most important.

In order to become a Responsible Day Trader and flow with the market, you’ll want to make sure you’re set up properly first.  To do this, we want to make sure to answer all of your questions, show you how the course is going to work for you and give you all the proper information you’ll need to get started with implementing the RDT customized indicators and the software.

Please click the button below to schedule time so that we can walk you through setting up.  You can also give us a call now to speak with a trader from our team, get ALL of your questions answered, so that you can get started on your FREE INTRO COURSE and becoming a consistently profitable Day Trader.

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