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When you think of the word responsible, what comes to mind?  Maybe all the things you’ve done right—OR maybe all the things you’ve done wrong.  Responsibility requires you to look at both. The things you’re doing to push yourself forward AND the things you’re doing to hold yourself back.


Responsible Day Trading is more of a way of life than just a trading program.

If there’s one thing I learned from my journey—it is that—if you find yourself struggling in different arenas in your life, you will find that same struggle in trading. 

I have been lucky enough to have been able to work with hundreds of students each year and have been able to see things from a very unique position. I have been able to walk into the personal lives of people who have been at all levels of their journey with trading.  

I’ve worked with traders who were just laying their eyes on E-minis for the first time and ones who have been searching for the answer for years.  Traders I’ve worked with have shared their charts, their strengths, their weaknesses, their hopes and dreams with me… Some have even shared meals, their homes and mini vacations with me, so needless to say— I’ve spent some time getting to know these guys and gals— and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you become a student here at RDT, you become family. 

Your concerns will be my concerns. Your struggles will be my struggles…. Because your success means more to me than you would think—but believe me—if you’re here with me, you won’t just know it… You will FEEL it! My mission here is to create independently consistent day traders that will not to rely on constant assistance from 

  1. A tech team—because I will teach you the ins and outs of the programs we use together.  There are videos on the website on how to work every aspect of NinjaTrader. If you need refreshers on it, of course I will be happy to help you out!  If I’m available (and with today’s technology I’m almost ALWAYS available) then you should expect a pretty quick reply to help set you straight.
  2. A trading room—While some believe this to be necessary, after YEARS of running rooms and watching people pop in and out of them to find that golden ticket—I’ve realized:
    1. these rooms actually make you MORE dependent on the person running the room—thus consistently handing over a VERY hefty sum to the company to remain in them 
    2. You’re at the mercy of the person running the room.  If they’re having a bad day—YOU’RE going to have a bad day because you’re following their calls.
    3. You also are restricted to the times you trade—because the rooms don’t run all day—so it takes away your freedom to trade when you feel the moment.

Here at RDT, the structure of learning has been worked and reworked over several years to make sure that you will get the biggest benefit of it all. 


First and foremost—you will never feel alone in this process. If you need help, just ask! We start from the very basics of learning and expand to customizing the program to fit you and your needs. 

  • I will walk you through every step to set up NinjaTrader, your indicators and to get your charts looking clear and concise. 
  • We will start at the smallest basics of what you see on your chart and will continue to expand until we have a full wealth of knowledge on how to use and read your indicators and charts.
  • At the end of each chapter, there will be Homework.. This work is EXTREMELY important.  This will help me to see that you’re understand everything properly and will allow me to get you the information to correct your way of thinking if it happened to stray a bit.  
  • Once your homework is received, you will get a reply back within 24-48 hours that will be in video form.  I will break down every example you have sent me. I will show you examples you missed on your chart—and if I think you need extra assistance, I will show you TONS of examples from my own charts.  This way, everything is crystal clear when it’s time to (possibly) redo the homework.  
  • All of this homework is stored on your own personal Dropbox file that I create for you AND that you will have full access to.
  • Once you have completed the curriculum, then we will have 1-on-1  sessions, through TeamViewer, that will allow for us to spend some quality time together (an hour or more) in order to go through what you’ve learned, together.  This will also be recorded and stored in the Dropbox—this way any lessons you may have learned and possibly forgotten, will be easy to reference in the future.
  • The Vault is another great resource for students.  All levels of membership will have access to The Vault and can go there to watch videos for more education.  This is an extended area of learning that takes the videos non-students will see on YouTube (that typically last 10-15 minutes) and will have access to my entire day of trading. The Vault houses all of my trading days for the last year along with all of the commentary as to why I did or did not take an entry or an exit.
  • Reading Resources are available—students asked what I’ve read and I’m delivering.  I will tell you though—most has very little to do with day trading and a LOT to do with learning about yourself.  There is also plans for far more in the way of nutrition for the body and the mind. I believe this is an extremely important part of the process due to the fact that we can become very sedentary as day traders… Having all the help you can get in every corner possible is my goal!

There are TONS of resources for you here at RDT and I’m working to expand them for you every day. 

I want to see every single student walk away from here with their head held high and their accounts getting bigger.  I want to be a part of your process. I want to watch you grow, change, learn and become accountable for your trading actions.. Responsibility, in my mind—starts with me, so you can guarantee—if anyone is going to give up on you…..it won’t be me!

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